Before you become our user, may we be your friend. If you have what requirements for our products, we will provide timely and thoughtful personalized service, personalized space reserved interface using our series products, personalized products will appear in front of you, our products will become a strong cornerstone of development ability of you.
Our eternal commitment is to provide customers with continuous improvement, satisfaction with the products and services, with a strong belief in the quality of the survival and development of enterprises.
To promote the enterprise operation in the quality system recognized by the customer, actively adopt international advanced standards, domestic and customer approval, continuous, continuous improvement, to meet customer requirements, we persevere the quality policy objectives.
HUAFA brand diesel engine produced by our factory, power coverage 10300kw, speed 15002400r/min, with low fuel consumption, high reliability, large torque, easy to start, the characteristics of convenient operation and maintenance, for generating units, fixed power, engineering machinery, agricultural vehicles and ships of the ideal dynamic force.
We will continue the spirit of quality first, customer first, all for the purpose of customer service, in the quality, credibility, and services under the guidance of the three first-class principles, and you join hands in creating a better tomorrow!

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